.) There is a new app on the android market - HelpME - have a look, it might save your life on day! 29.11.2012

.) There is a new Parkhelper Version on the market - enjoy :)! 19.11.2012

.) The Congratulator is now available for free too, but with some constraints, check it out, on the Android and Amazon market! 03.11.2012

.) There is a new update for the Parkhelper with new design and improved functions!!! 01.11.2012

.) There is a new update for the Parkhelper. Now it contains more detailed information about short parking areas in Austria !!! 23.10.2012

.) The Congratulator is now also available on the Amazon market! 23.10.2012


.) The Parkhelper has a new update, a must for every driver in Austria!!! 30.09.2012

.) My new app, the Congratulator is on the Android market, check it out! :) - 16.09.2012

.) We are online - 16.09.2012

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